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Quick start:
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One important reason for developing a new CAE system is to incorporate novel programming technologies that support a much cleaner, simpler user interface.

We managed to cut the number of dialogue boxes to fewer than 10. And, as paradoxical as it may sound, we were able to significantly expand functionality. This is particularly obvious in the changes we introduced – for example, the ability to edit all the properties of a component within a single dialogue box. When you draw circuit or flow diagrams, you can access familiar and popular AutoCAD commands such as “grips” for symbols or lines – no need to relearn everything.

Setting up a new project used to demand a lot of attention – and rightly so. With eXs, you are one step ahead of the game: You can start with a kind of block diagram to which you add only the most important components. This block schematic can be submitted with your quote and, if you get the contract, “built out” to a complete project.

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