Expect more: <br>as you should…

Expect more:
as you should…

You should expect more from a modern, cutting-edge CAE system than just intelligent circuit and hydraulic diagrams with plausibility checks, terminal diagrams generated with a keystroke, parts lists or project PDFs. After all, new cars come standard with air-conditioning and advanced driver assistance systems.

eXs offers a host of additional features, thanks to its AutoCAD foundation / integrated AutoCAD core and integration with the Autodesk environment. For example, it interfaces smoothly with the 3D mechanical design functions of Autodesk Inventor and the building information modelling (BIM) features of Revit.

Integration with Vault, the Autodesk data management system, opens up a wide variety of options. They include: advanced project management with release processes, versioning, mechatronic component management or generation of master parts lists with mechanical and electrical components.

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