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Mensch und Maschine has been serving companies’ CAD/CAM needs for over 35 years. We specialise in software solutions, customising, services, consulting, seminars and training. Our electrical CAD software, eXs, is the perfect engineering tool for everyone who wants to plan and document projects across disciplines.



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Many disciplines – one solution

Simple is better. Fewer dialogue boxes have made it easy to learn and use eXs. And yet eXs is a powerful solution with a vast array of functions – as paradoxical as that may sound. For example, all the properties of a component can be edited within a single dialogue box. All project information is stored in the SQL database. One interface has been eliminated to ensure seamless integration across disciplines.

What you can expect

Just one tool for all disciplines: eXs, the electrical CAD system from MuM. It is state-of-the-art software with a minimum of dialogue boxes, an SQL database and the DWG data format.

Already use ecscad? Then migrate with confidence. A special tool will transfer all your projects and master data to the SQL database.

And this is what our users say:

“terrific improvement, great compliments, easier, more efficient, more practical”
“very clear, intuitive”
“good, many things have been simplified”
“work steps are much easier than with ecscad”
“it is easy to find your way around”