Products and solutions

Electrical engineering

eXs offers all the features electrical documentation users expect from a software. From plausibility checks, terminal diagrams and list exports to simple circuit diagrams, complex control systems made from PLC modules to control cabinet set-up plans. All these things come standard with eXs – just like air-conditioning in a new car.

Building services engineering

Today, even single-family homes need electrical control systems to manage integrated light barriers, motion detectors and heating and shade controllers. Larger buildings with more extensive functions – e.g. an office, hospital or factory – require even more sophisticated equipment. Not to mention the growing need to integrate electrical designs into digital building information models (BIMs). eXs can handle it all.

Process engineering

Did you use to draw up your flow diagrams in a graphics editing program because it was so much easier? If so, eXs is for you. It’s clean, intuitive and easy to learn. And since it interfaces directly with design software, it avoids the need to enter all your data twice – saving you time and eliminating possible mistakes. Try it for yourself!

Hydraulics and pneumatics

Mechanical engineers will feel right at home with eXs. Intelligent hydraulic/pneumatic schematics can be readily drawn using the large integrated symbol library, with logical connections to electrical systems and mechanical set-up diagrams. eXs generates a complete interdisciplinary PDF of the entire circuit documentation together with the stored data sheets and component lists.


End-to-end 3D product development, which also consider electrical engineering, is becoming more and more important.
Here, the circuit diagrams in eXs provide the base for the mechatronic workflow. For the 3D model, it is ensured that the correct electrical components are inserted and the electrical connections can be designed. Constrained installation situations are identified and the exact lengths of wires and cables are determined so that wiring harness drawings can be created at the push of a button. All components – mechanical and electrical – are listed completely at the end in the resulting mechatronic parts list.